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PureindigoDate: Monday, 2011-03-14, 4:18 PM | Message # 1
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What is a Servitor?

A servitor is a mass of energy created by two techniques.

i) Projection
ii) Shape manipulation

The caster projects his/her energy via visualization with or without the use of a physical focal point, eg a sculpture or picture and uses shape manipulation to carve and shape the energy into a particular structure.

What function does it have?

A servitor does not have only one way to use it. You can programme it to do what ever you wish. It can serve in protection , tracking, etc. It has a wide array of functions that are not limited to only what is on this list. It can be created for any magickal intent.

Maintaining your servitor

After creation your servitor should be maintained by feeding it energy periodically to maintain its life line. However there are modern techniques done by people more versed in the art that will allow the servitor to feed off the earth's energy or any other choses energy source. As useful as that topic is since it will reduce high maintainance but i personally recommend giving it a bit of your energy from time to time. It does not have to be frequent just occasionally or as much as your servitor/thoughtform needs it.


It is important to know caution when creating these beings. They are living entities that take on characteristics of its creator or ones you give it, and it is important to destroy it if you are not going to use it. Forgetting about it may cause it loose its purpose and just roam wildly and cause trouble

When creating a servitor or thoughtform please be of stable mind when creating it as your mental condition will affect it. Also i advise you to refrain from the teachings that tell you your servitors will be stronger than you overtime. I don't wish to defile anyone's views but from my experience in the craft i will tell you that a servitor will only be as strong as you create it, and if you have created it to be stronger than you then that will be so. You have created it, and certainly you can destroy it, so please i advise not to create a servitor with a the quality to be stronger than you.


An egregore even more complex form of a servitor, created by more than one person with the same intent. An egregore is normally created with a group of people, hence the saying ''the project took a life of its own''. It is also said that servitors can evolve also in egregores and beyond. An egregore is not necessarily stronger than a servitor i must add, its all about the will power and the intent.


Godforms are the most complex of the 3 forms, they are masses of energy created by more than one person, and many different intents and ideologies. The godform technically unlike the egregore, is naturally created to focus on many different tasks simultaneously.

Creating a Servitor

The following servitor creation exercise is simply an eg to get people started. I note that beginners in the art who have not properly mastered projection and shape manipulation do not attempt.

creation of the wolf servitor

First gather a clear picture of a wolf in your head, either get a picture and project the form of a wolf, pay close attention to its shape, colour,texture, size, physical characteristics. personality,name (optional but it increases its creation strength) and also a voice that will be heard through your mental communication channel. Spend great detail of focus on this being and feed it your energy or any additions you wish. Any questions feel free to ask.

Forum » General info » General magickal info » Servitors (Information on servitors)
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