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Member's Guide (please read)

 For members new to this site you may realize the different member positions here, so this guide to show you the different members we have here

Administrator: an administrator is the highest in position to all members, there are currently two administrators on this site which is myself (serpentfire) and the assistant admin (silvervixen) as seen here in the photo, The assistant admin is selected by the site admin. Admins may teach as well as manage the site

Moderators: Moderators are selected members of staff who teach and reinforce the site's rules, they are the main people who will monitor the chatroom and forums and will assist members if needed.
As mentioned in the FAQ you will have to be a teacher to be given a moderator status.  Here are a few moderator profiles,

(not all moderators may be shown)

Invigilators: Invigilators are members who are promoted from "Monitor" status and is selected to join permanent administration to be assistants to moderators, Invigilators do everything except teach classes.

View eg profile

(all invigilators may not be shown)

Monitors Monitors are selected users who are given trial for an administrative status, if they deem appropriate they will be promoted to invigilator to assist in permanent administration.

Monitor profiles

Markers: Markers are members who mark debates (more information can be accessed in the forums ) http://www.armadel-academy.ucoz.com/forum/42-55-1

No marker profiles avail.

Users are common members who contribute in the forums and take part in classes