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Class information -READ

The first thing you may want to know when joining the website is, where are the classes?

well classes can now be distributed in two places:

1) The forum

2) The File catalog

The forum can hold threads (under the heading classes) to various classes and allows for discussions of the lesson taught. It is up to the teacher which method they will want to use but there will be a forum for the ability for members to post questions etc

The file catalog, can hold documents such as .Docx files or pdf documents which they have composed their class on for you to download and read. The forum for the various classes will contain a notice to guide you to whether their classes are held by file.

Any questions? place it the questions section of the forum or write it in the tag board

If at any time you are logged on and cannot access the forum and think its an error contact me:

It is possible you have been given a forum suspension,   for misconduct  The staff member who  banned you should give you a private message (to learn how to read mail, go to the knowledge base in the forum) why they banned you and your banning period.       

unless you are a repeated offender you will not be banned for more than 24 hours.

Active classes

After armadel moved, we have lost contacts with our various staff and we have to restaff so please bear with me as i quickly add more teachers

Current classes

Incantation and magickal techniques

Taught by : Pureindigo

Herbs: Taught by Silvervixen

Wicca 101 Taught by : Silvervixen

Magickal creatures taught by: Pureindigo

Gems,Crystals and Stones taught by:Bane.