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Debating information
PureindigoDate: Saturday, 2010-08-07, 10:49 AM | Message # 1
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Information on debating.

Why did i start debates?

Debates were created for a civilized discussion about various topics and opinions.

How will these debates be organized?

Debates can take place in either a eg, 4 point debate, 8 point debates, 16 point debates and 32 point debates.

What are these points?

A four point debate consists of two points of opinions from, each of the participating members (up to 2 members per debate)

An 8 point debate will consist of four points from each of the participating members and so on.

Members will take turns in giving points for a debate and CANNOT place more than one point in one session unless the opponent has declared a pass in their turn. If one fails to follow these rules, they can loose marks on their debate.

Mark scheme

Marks are awarded for each of the points by how well evidence of opinions were put together, how well it was used and how well did it defend against the opponents points. The marks given will also be totaled with the voting system, all members of the website will get to vote for who they think is the victor in the debate, their votes will be added with the marks awarded by administration/ selected markers.

Here are the marks for various debates,

*There will be a pre-voting for and final voting poll for any change of heart during the pre- voting period.

4 point debate- (10 maximum marks allowed per point) + voting (variable number)

8 point debate (10 maximum marks allowed per point) + voting (variable number)


The rest of debates are marked just like the following above


Markers of the debates will be administration who are not taking part in the debate being marked.

Markers can deduct up to 10 marks per point if the participants have broken the rules according to debates.

Markers must notify when marks have been awarded or deducted eg: 5 marks deducted on this point! ,10 marks awarded to this point. markers can only mark /deduct points after the debate is over , marks can only be given to points under a consensus by all markers , the most proposed mark for that point will be the one given, marks will also deducted according to consensus . The thread will be locked after the thread has ended, and final marks has been awarded.


Members are allowed to place comments concerning the various debates, but no comments will be allowed in the debating section, there will be comments section for all comments referring to the various debates

Rules for debates

1) No spamming this section of the forum or as to any where of the site in general

2) NO obscene should be used in debates

3) No racial slurs, religious discrimination should be used in your debate , failure to do follow this can place your debate points to be null and void or a major infraction with marks lost.

4) NO nasty, direct, insults should be used. Intelligent use of words to get your point across will be accepted.

5) Stick to the topic, referrals and examples can be used but one MUST maintain the topic within every point.

Further information to debaters.

Can i forfeit the debate?

yes, any one can give up the debate which will result in the opponent wining by default

Can i pass on a turn?

yes, you must post in your turn stating you have "passed" your turn, this will result in 0 marks for that point.

Can i re-do my debate?

you may do so if the opponent accepts , but only when the current debate is over.

Can i take part in more than one debate?

yes you may, i kindly ask you to limit it to 4 debates at a time to reduce a back log of stagnant debates.

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Forum » Debates » Information log » Debating information (How to start debates)
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