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lordsilverDate: Saturday, 2011-06-18, 12:14 PM | Message # 1
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Okay so this is meant to be a thread introducing myself if I have put it in the wrong place please just accept i'm an idiot and ignore it. To begin with I will point out that I am first and foremost an idiot, now that's out the way I will introduce myself. My Magickal name is Silver Night I will probably get asked why so I will explain: I called My self Silver because I have both very pure and very evil blood flowing through me(Don't ask I will explain but would prefer not to) so I combined the two with a bit of a spark and got Silver and I used Night because I will always prefer the beauty of the night to the light of day. As For experience I can use celestial magick very well but am limited to the Lord Adonai and can also do a small amount of summoning. I am a clairestient and I have a large amount of spiritual energy. My spirit guides are a white wolf called Silver and a falcon who's name I can't receive yet. Well thats everything
Forum » Introductions » Welcome/Introductions » Hey
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