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  1.  What is the purpose of the Website?- To educate people in the areas of magick
  2. Is this free can i join ? - Yes this Website is completely free 
  3. Why am i  suspended?- Most likely you committed an infraction against the rules, if there is problem come and see me. Suspensions are in two forms - [Account Ban ] & [Chat ban], if you have committed an infraction and your account is banned prior your two warnings this ban is controlled by the moderator, he/she has full control over your suspension period. If this is your first offence your account should not be banned for more than 24 hours.  Chat ban-  this is done when you commit a chat infraction: Roleplay, obscene or explicit discussions and your warnings were ignored. Your ban period will be controlled by the moderator, if this is your first offense and you are not a repetitive offender your account will be unbanned before 24 hours. If offenses are committed again your account can be banned for 24 hours. A permanent ban will occur in result of extreme disregard for rules. 
  4. Will my data be deleted with a ban? -  if you receive a permanent ban, your data on that account may be deleted. 
  5. Can i be reinstated from a permanent ban? - Only if you access here on another account and prove that you can abide to the rules, your previous account can be returned at request
  6. Can i apply to be a Moderator?- no you cannot moderators are appointed by me. Moderators are given to teachers only However invigilator position can be appointed to a member for assisting moderators in site order. 
  7. Why are the rules so strict? - Cause i need to maintain order
  8. Will i be banned for posting in the wrong forum section? - No the site regulators will move the thread.

Absolutely no hacking of this website or accounts.  once you are caught an immediate ban will be placed with no warning.  If this offense is your first one, you will be banned for one month. If another after that permanent ban will be instated upon you.